The race for the Presidency is in full gear. That means that in just a few months, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be moving into the White House and out of their usual residence. With that in mind, I wondered just how I might use home staging to prep the candidates’ current residences – you know, if they needed to sell their homes in anticipation of the big move. So through an analysis of each home and some spectacular moodboards, this week, I’ll show you how I would professionally stage Hillary Clinton’s home for sale. Stay tuned for next week’s blog when I tackle Donald Trump’s Manhattan penthouse!

The Staging Project:

Hillary Clinton’s residence

Hillary Clinton's House
Photo via House Beautiful

The House:

An 1889 Dutch Colonial on acreage

The Location:  

Chappaqua, New York

Hillary Clinton's Living Room
Photo via Oprah
Hillary Clinton's Living Room
Photo via Oprah

The Current Look:

Rustic. Cozy, feels like a lived-in home

The Home Staging Game Plan:

A neutral palette. Utilize the home’s Colonial style as inspiration — but with a modern twist. Almost a modern farmhouse feel. I like the idea of using blue hues along with tans and browns. These colors are calming and can give the home that rustic feel of the Colonial era.

The Home Staging Reveal:


The Result:

A beautiful and broadly-appealing home that feels modern, while retaining its homey, lived-in vibe. That’s just the balance to strike with a home staging program in order to attract buyers. I especially love the arm chairs because they bring in a lot of character. Adding character is also the reason I chose a lot of different patterns – they help bring more interest to the textures throughout the home.

One Good Home Staging Deserves Another!

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