About Us

We offer beautiful interior designs to help market and stage your home for sale. And we simplify the home staging process by giving you the best resources, like our Online Staging Quote.

White Orchid Interiors blurs the distinction between interior design and home staging

Our experienced marketing and home staging experts will help you prepare your home for sale

Vacant Home Staging

Staging vacant homes with furniture, artwork and design accessories.

Occupied Home Staging

Staging occupied homes with coordination and home makeover services.

Luxury Home Staging

Staging luxury homes with stylish interior design furnishings.

Lauren Matthews

CoFounder, Design Director

John A. Matthews

CoFounder, Marketing Director

Scott Leistiko

Operations Director

Marty Nickoley

Senior Design Coordinator

Erica Fagien

Sales Coordinator

Dustin Wheeler

Project Manager

Jadon Sagehorn

Assistant Project Manager

Marisa Wilmes

Senior Design Coordinator

Rex Williams

Business Development Manager

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