Decorating for Autumn

The leaves are crisp, the air is chilled, pumpkins abound and straw becomes an acceptable form of home decor. It is hard not to love everything that comes with the autumn season. We enjoy this time of year and decided to focus this week’s home staging blog post on autumn decorating ideas we found online. It can be a busy season, time spent with family and preparation for holiday activities, so we searched for easy do-it-yourself decorating tips. Here are some of our favorite finds in the DYI decorating for autumn category:

Kelly, Author of Here Comes the Sun has provided 10 Fabulous Fall Decor Ideas

Ellora, Author of Creatively Southern shares her Favorite Fall Decorating Ideas

Marie, Author of Blooming Homestead offers several Fall Decorating Ideas

Decorating for holidays and the changing seasons can be tricky. We suggest focusing on a couple of key living areas that are used regularly, perhaps the living room, dining room and kitchen. If you spend allot of time on a front porch or back patio, consider a couple of ideas to incorporate autumn decor in those areas as well. Make the process fun and enjoyable. Focus on decorating one area of your home each week and add autumn decor elements as you have time. Decorating your home for autumn isn’t all or nothing! Remember, have fun and decorate for you and your family.

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