Demi Lovato’s home is for sale. Yep, the singer, songwriter and actress, Demi Lovato, is ready for a fresh start and recently listed her Los Angeles home. This luxurious contemporary home has 4 bedrooms and 6 baths spread out over more than 5,000 square feet. The home is s currently listed at 9.495 million dollars.

Lovato’s house is secluded, situated at the end of a private drive. It also features views of the world famous Chateau Marmont hotel. The homes current aesthetic is modern, with a  muted palette. In fact, it’s so bathed in neutrals, Demi Lovato’s house is almost completely void of any color. The home’s palette is a great base to start home staging from, but without a hint of color or personality, is it might leave home buyer’s wanting for more. Therefore, through an analysis of Lovato’s home and a mood-board, I’ll show you how I would utilize home staging to get Demi Lovato’s home ready for sale. 

The Staging Project:

Demi’s Los Angeles Home

The House:

Modern Contemporary


demi lovato's house
Photo via The Agency
demi lovato's house
Photo via The Agency

The Location:

Los Angeles, CA

The Current Look:

Luxe and Neutral

Photo via The Agency

The Home Staging Game Plan:

We worked with the base palette throughout the home. Although neutral palettes are ideal for a quick sale, too much neutral can easily wash out a space. As result, it can make space feel cold and unappealing to a potential buyer. We added accessories that make the space feel less sterile. For example, we opted for velvet arm chairs for a touch of drama, color, and texture. The rug we’d utilize for home staging is simple with clean lines. Therefore, adding depth with its pattern. The mirror and lamp are both modern and are in keeping with the home’s existing style.

The Home Staging Reveal:

demi lovato's house

 The Result:

 A luxe home staging aesthetic with just enough personality to excite potential buyers. With this kind of home staging, Demi Lovato’s house feels more like a home than a hotel. Even with blue accents, the home’s creams and whites provide neutral enough base for anyone to envision themselves in the space.