We’re taking you behind the scenes here at White Orchid Interiors house staging company to learn more about how professional house staging works, and about the people who make each home look so appealing and effortlessly put together.

White Orchid Interiors Design Coordinator Trish Sidebotham


Role On White Orchid Interiors House Staging Team

Trish Sidebotham is the newest addition to theWhite Orchid Interiors team. The Design Coordinator  has a natural eye for design which led her, somewhat accidentally, into the design world. While working in a different industry, Trish found her true calling in design thanks to a constant stream of houseguests quick to compliment her own home’s style, not to mention numerous requests for Trish to perform interior design work on the side. As a house staging Design Coordinator Trish meets with agents and potential clients, creating design layouts and selecting furniture and accessories for homes. She also facilitates and implements the house staging design on staging day.


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Q&A With Trish

How Long Have You Been With White Orchid?

I’ve been with White Orchid Interiors for about 5 months now, although it feels like much longer! This role came naturally to me and I’m so glad I joined this industry and team.


How or when did you did you decide you wanted to go into the design field?

That’s a funny story because I didn’t realize I wanted to do design until I got married and we moved into our first house together. When guests came over they were quick to compliment how beautifully styled our house was and that I had a great eye for design. When we moved I was selling our furniture to the company I worked for and not only did people buy all my furniture but I had at least 10 requests for interior design work. It was then that I made the decision to change career paths.


What is your most memorable home stage and why?

I would have to say my most memorable stage up to this point would be the first house I staged without help. It was a beautiful 1.8 million dollar home and seeing the design come to life for the first time was such a surreal moment. It confirmed to me that I absolutely made the right decision jumping into the design industry.


Who is your favorite celebrity designer?

Without hesitation it is Shea McGee from Studio McGee. I’m always amazed at her classic and timeless looks that her team creates in each home. Their blend of neutrals, textures, and impeccably designed furniture gives me so much inspiration for staging different houses.

Do you have a secret talent?

I pride myself on being able to find the best fashion and design trends at thrift stores in town. I’ve been doing this way before it became cool and I’m always so excited to tell people I found it at Goodwill!


Who’s house would be your dream house staging?

I’d have to go with my favorite musician, Chris Stapleton. I’m a country girl through and through and I would love to incorporate western modern elements of design into his ranch property in Tennessee. Hey, maybe then his friendly neighbors would let me stage their homes. Justin Timberlake, Tim McGraw, Allen Jackson, and Carrie Underwood to name a few.

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