Is home staging important? There was a time, not so long ago, when people thought home staging was only for wealthy sellers. Those who hoped to attract wealthy buyers. In today’s real estate world, home staging has gone from luxury to necessity. In fact, home staging is important for every price point, according to a recent report by NPR’s Marketplace.

Further, when a buyer walks into a house, home staging is what helps them imagine it as their own. For the purposes of maximizing sale price, most traces of the existing owner are removed. The home is reimagined using new décor with the target buyer in mind. Furniture and other design elements are selected to help highlight key features in the home.

Is home staging worth it?

Whether it’s a starter home or a mansion, all buyers have trouble attaching themselves to a space that still looks like it belongs to the current owner. For example, broker Ann Kerr said that her client’s gorgeous luxury Denver home had been sitting on the market when filled with the owner’s furnishings. After she enlisted White Orchid Interiors to do a custom home staging, the home sold in only two weeks – at $40,000 over its asking price.

Does Home Staging Work To Add Value?

Not only does home staging help sell a home faster like this Uptown Denver starter condo, but when done right, home staging also raises the market value of a house. In fact, a 2017 survey by the National Association of Realtors found that real estate professionals believe home staging increases the price of a home anywhere from 1 to 15 percent. Still not sure if home staging works? Well look no further than this Boulder five-bedroom which used White Orchid Interiors’ custom home staging to sell for 15% over asking price.

home staging

Do Staged Home Sell Better?

Home staging is an investment that’s likely to yield high returns for any seller. Colorado realtor Kayla Schmitz knows firsthand what a incredible value home staging provides. She sold a quaint ranch-style home for $20,000 over asking in just six days. Schmitz used White Orchid’s Katie Designer Package. It’s a value home staging package with a fresh, contemporary design. It’s all the essential furniture and decor for a home staging and available for just $1495.


The Katie Designer Package, which includes coordinating furniture, artwork, and accessories, also helped Denver realtor Janie Stoddard sell her client’s condo virtually overnight. It sold for $15,000 over asking only two days after home staging.

No matter what the price point, staging is essential to attracting buyers and winning them over.