In 2017, home staging will become an even more important tool when it comes to selling your home quickly and for more money. We’re talking some of the most critical real estate trends for 2017 – check out what’s in store for the real estate market in 2017 so you can take advantage.

Planning on selling your home in 2017? Expect big changes to the housing market. These real estate trends will dictate how homes are bought and sold over the coming months. While the process of selling your home may look about the same as it did in 2016, trends that started to appear in the real estate industry will continue to grow exponentially and broadly affect how home buyers approach their first or second property investment. Spoiler alert! Here are a few real estate trends you will see in 2017.

Homes Flying off the Market

According to a new report, Redfin economists expect homes to be whisked off the market faster in 2017 than they ever have before. “We expect 2017 to break the 2016 record as the fastest market on record, measured by the average number of days homes spend on the market before going under contract,” says Redfin Chief Economist Nela Richardson. The reason for this faster-than-ever home sale trend has to do both with the advent of new technologies as well as the consumer comfortability with doing real business virtually. 2017 real estate trends predict busy real estate markets everywhere from Orange County, California to Denver, Colorado.

Tech Continues To Be Tops

This real estate trend for 2017 predicts more and more people turning online and to mobile apps to begin their home search. In 2017 those in the real estate market will look to those same online platforms close the deal on their new house. With technology offering real-time services like making offers, buying patterns will shift further away from the physical world to the virtual one. Buyers and sellers will quickly and efficiently close on a house without having to worry about scheduling conflicts, open houses, or wait times. With more and more buyers conducting their entire purchase process online, professional home staging and gorgeous home photos become all the more critical for you as a home-seller. Click here for a list of crucial real estate apps that every FSBO seller should know about.

Millennials Move In

This is a real estate trend we began to see in 2016 that will continue to shape the way communities grow across America, especially in cities like Atlanta, Denver, and Austin. Millennials who are first-time buyers will be looking to move to second-tier cities where real estate markets are more affordable and they can get more bang for their buck.  Raleigh, North Carolina, Austin, Texas, Denver, Colorado and Atlanta, Georgia are just a few of the numerous second-tier cities that are sure to see an influx of millennial interest in the coming year.  

Mortgage Rates Will Rise (probably)

A fast moving real estate market depends on interest rates remaining low, of course. Recently, and for only the second time since 2008, interest rates rose. The Federal Reserve, which sets rates, also suggested it may raise rates again slightly in 2017. While most are expecting a robust real estate market in 2017, things may slow slightly if rates hikes make the cost of borrowing money for a home purchase too expensive. Should that happen, wooing home-buyers with a perfectly staged home will set your home above the rest.

Setting the Stage

The use of professional home staging will continue to be ever-growing key to successful real estate sales across the country. More and more home-sellers looking to attract buyers who will pay top dollar will incorporate home staging into their home-selling checklist. That includes sellers from the luxury real estate market all the way to the starter home real estate market. Whatever category you fit into, home staging doesn’t have to mean breaking your budget, there are numerous ways to stage your regardless of budget size. For home-sellers looking to get a home staging leg up on the competition, this home staging style will be trending across the country – and will help sell your home for more


New Year, New Home

The onslaught of new technology and millennial buyers will dictate the real estate market in 2017. For those of you planning to sell your home in the coming year, stay on top of real estate market trends so you can make selling your home as lucrative and easy as possible. To make the first move and get your free home staging quote, click here.