The latest home staging and design trends were unveiled this weekend at Dwell on Design. On June 24-26 Los Angeles hosted the year’s biggest modern design exhibition, Dwell on Design, where more than 350 exhibitors and 100 speakers took to the Los Angeles Convention Center to talk about the latest trends in home design.

Straight from Dwell on Design 2016, here are the hottest home staging and design trends.

#1. Bold Patterned Tile


Tile is helping spread joy at home. Bold patterns in neutral colors make a statement without ever crossing the line into overbearing or overly-personalized. Whether you’re saying goodbye to your home and staging it for sale, or plotting designs for your new house, patterned tile can turn a bathroom, kitchen backsplash, or entryway into a stunning showpiece.

#2. Shaker Cabinets

Semihandmade Shaker Cabinets
via Semihandmade and A. Jennison Interiors

Zillow recently conducted a study that noted Shaker-style cabinets as one of the features that sells a home for top dollar.  It’s no wonder then, that shaker cabinets were all over Dwell on Design. The cabinet’s core stylistic features are simplicity, utility, and honesty. That is what makes this very straightforward cabinet style a hit with home-buyers who are looking for an up-to-date, modern kitchen. Now custom-looking shaker cabinet kitchens are even easier to stage in your home. Companies like Semihandmade have taken advantage of Ikea’s modular kitchens and are manufacturing upscale shaker (and other style) doors that fit right onto your Ikea cabinets. The result? Upscale kitchen cabinetry for homeowners and home stagers mindful of costs.

#3. Modern and Colorful Outdoors


Furniture from designers like Denver-based Adam Raiola and Los Angeles-based Rad Furniture means that your outdoor areas can be just as well designed or staged for sale as your indoor spaces. Based on what we’ve seen at Dwell on Design, modern, sleek, colorful pieces outdoors are on point this summer.


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