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Home staging costs: while it may seem counterintuitive to invest in a house you’re saying “sayonara” to, nominal home staging cost can earn a home-seller tens of thousands more than their original asking price. Today we’re breaking down what exactly goes into figuring out home staging costs.

Selling your home takes time, effort, and money. From advertising your newly-listed home, to repairing all the dripping faucets to creaky hinges, there are a million must-dos to prepare for an open house. Selling a home is a big undertaking. That is why house staging is an essential part of the home-selling checklist.

Whether you’re selling your property FSBO, working with a realtor, or are home-flipper looking to make a quick sale, staging a house can help you achieve a fast sale. The average home sells in 90 to 120 days. White Orchid Interiors staged homes sell, on average, in just 45 days – some even sell in just one day! Furthermore, Realtor.com notes that staged home sell 88% faster than non-staged homes.

So how what are home staging costs?

Vacant Home Staging Costs

Vacant home staging costs are a determined by two factors. First, the time it takes to stage a house. The second factor is the product, or furniture and decor inventory needed to stage the home. As a result, when it comes to vacant home staging costs, the more rooms, and the higher the price point, typically the higher the home staging costs.

home staging costs

Size Matters

Home staging costs are typically more for larger homes. More spaces require home staging. Yet home staging costs for a large home can be mitigated somewhat by choosing to stage the essential living areas. Keep in mind, you’ll want to present a number of spaces that appeal to your buyer’s preferred lifestyle.  For a breakdown of must-stage spaces at every budget level, check out “The Secret To Home Staging At Any Budget.”

home staging costs

Occupied Home Staging

Home staging costs also change depending on whether or not the home is occupied. Occupied home staging costs can be lower than vacant home staging costs. This is due to the fact that limited or no furniture inventory is needed.

home staging costs

Sometimes Home Staging Is Personal

Home staging costs are dependent on a number of factors. One of those factors is the amount of items that need to be removed and placed into storage. In the case of occupied home staging a professional house staging company may help pack up personal items. The amount of unnecessary furniture and decor items can affect home staging costs. 

Staging a house is about dressing it up to appeal to potential home-buyers. Personal items such as family portraits, photos, artwork and knick knacks make it hard for a buyer envision themselves in the house. Removing items of sentimental value is one of the first steps in redecorating. All homes deserve to look their absolute best, and many professional home stagers are adept at working within the confines of an occupied home.

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How To Save On Home Staging Costs

Regardless of the size of your house, home staging is s a viable option. House staging professionals are well-versed in accommodating a wide range of home staging budgets and design needs. Make the most of home staging costs and consider pre-planning with a free home staging cost estimate. White Orchid Interiors provides a free, instant quote from the best home staging company in your area. Simply enter your zip code in the home staging cost tool on the right. Further, while a professional looking staged home is not an easy task to do yourself, we can offer these few DIY home staging tips to help you out.