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Dustin pictured on far left

We’re taking you behind the scenes here at White Orchid Interiors house staging company to learn more about how professional house staging works, and about the people who make each home look so appealing and effortlessly put together.

Role On The Team

Dustin Wheeler has more tenure with home staging company, White Orchid Interiors, than any other the Colorado-based team members. As the Warehouse and Project Manager, Dustin has many roles that range from liaising between designers and the moving team, loading and unloading inventory, as well as vehicle maintenance. In fact, Dustin’s interest in cars runs deep much like White Orchid Interiors Co-Founder Lauren Matthews (Lauren is a professionally licensed race car driver!). Perhaps this is just another reason why Dustin has been such a great fit for so long with the White Orchid Interiors team.

Get to know more about Dustin below!

Q&A With Dustin

What exactly does a Project Manager do?
As a Project Manager, it is my responsibility to be the connection between the office coordinator,
the designer, and the moving team. I oversee the loading and unloading of the truck, as well as driving and vehicle maintenance. I am also in charge of the warehouse, unpacking new inventory, and upkeep of furniture.

How Long Have You Been With White Orchid?
I have been with White Orchid for 5 and 1/2 years.

What is a normal day like for you at White Orchid?
A normal day starts with a quick calendar review for the day. We then try to do two projects each day, usually one pick-up and one delivery. Before we leave for the day, we make sure we are organized and prepared for the following day and do another calendar review for the next few days.

How did you get into the house staging / interior design world?
My sister-in-law is John’s sister, so the connection with the company was through word of mouth. When I started, I had been unemployed for a couple of months and heard that John and Lauren were looking to hire some moving help. I came in for a day and did a working interview. The fit was good, and I liked what they were doing.

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What was your most memorable home staging project? Why?
My most memorable project was a beautiful house that we staged in Carbondale. It was a long drive and the project was big enough that we had to take two trucks. The delivery was a very nice day and the staging went smoothly. The pick-up of the furniture happened to fall on a snowy winter day and road conditions were pretty bad. The drive time and furniture moving took long enough that we ended up needing to spend the night in Glenwood Springs. The road conditions for the drive home the following morning were much better than the day before. It was an exhausting couple of days, but definitely an unforgettable project.

What is your secret talent / hobby?
I love setting up and maintaining aquariums, but my main hobby is cars. I enjoy working on cars, driving, and going to car shows and cruises. I have a truck and have recently started off-roading, which is one of my favorite things to do.

Who’s house would you love to stage / design (celebrity, musician, etc)? – your dream home stage 

I think I would like to stage Tim Allen’s home because of the shared interest in cars. I would love to see his garage.