Selling your home for Sale By Owner? These are the real estate apps you need right now. The app world has infiltrated every part of our lives: there are apps to track the amount of sleep we get, count the number of steps we take, and match us up with our next significant other. Is it any surprise then that there are plethora of digital applications created to make the For Sale By Owner process a little easier?

Zillow and Trulia have long been on the digital real estate scene and while those two remain the most well-known and widely-used real estate apps on the market, many more have sprung up to aid the plight of both home-buyer and home-seller. Read below to learn about real estate apps that every FSBO home-seller needs!


SQFT is the world’s first fully transactional real estate app that puts you, the home-seller, in control. It allows you to sell your house right from your smart phone. SQFT provides a licensed brokerage – you get the savings and control of selling your home FSBO without sacrificing some of the advantages of working with a professional. SQFT will guide you from listing to closing in just a few taps.

Homesnap Real Estate

With Homesnapp, users can take a photo of any home and find out all about it. As a home-seller, this is helpful in comparing your own asking price and home features to other homes for sale, and those just recently-sold, in nearby neighborhoods.

360 Panorama

Don’t have access to high-quality photo-editing software? No sweat. This app lets you stitch multiple photos together into a sharable, interactive picture that shows all 360 degrees of a space. It’s a great marketing tool for FSBO sellers and will allow you to provide a view of your home to those that might not be able to come view it in person, initially.


Skitch allows FSBO home-sellers to quickly and easily mark up photos or pdfs of their home or floor plan to point out specific and significant details about a room. Crown moldings? Original wood floors? Sky light? You’ll want to make sure your prospective buyers know all the features your home has to offer! Don’t let them overlook a thing.

Magic Plan

With Magic Plan, creating a floor plan of your home is as simple as walking from room to room taking pictures. The app does the rest! You can then add the map to your MLS listing or simply have it on-hand for prospective buyers as they come to view your home.  


Houzz is an interior design app that allows you to see what your house might be worth with a few design-savvy additions and upgrades. Investing a little extra time and effort into your home before listing it, with things like home staging, can make thousands of dollars of difference in your initial asking price! Houzz offers great ideas and trending tips to help you see what upgrades or home staging designs you should make in order to ease the For Sale By Owner process.


The FSBO App-eal.

The real beauty of this? Most of these apps are available for free! Browse through the iTunes store for more information on each of these applications and see which one (or two!) might be right for you! Then get the upper hand on the For Sale By Owner process with a perfectly staged home.

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