design style

Curious as to what your design style says about you? Take our quiz to find out where in the US you should live based on your preferred design style and tastes! Find out which city is your true design hometown.

Determining Your Design Hometown

Just like we all have our own design style sensibility, so too do cities. Orlando, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, each city has its own distinct personality or vibe that often translates into the type of design frequently found within its city limits.. Whether your design tastes mesh with your city or they drastically differ take our quiz to see which city shares your design sensibility – and is your true design soulmate.

What Is Your Design Style

Do clean lines and modern colors speak to you? Then your city should embrace that vibe as well – Los Angeles or Miami might be your ideal city. Are traditional colors, natural textures and materials more your design style? Then a city that speaks your design language like Denver might be your perfect design hometown. Whatever your design style is, there’s a city to match. Find out which city is your true design hometown – take our quiz now!


Location, Location, Location

When it comes to home staging location can be key. As a result, understanding the design trends and tastes popular among your area’s local buyers can make or break a home staging – and home sale. Did you know that home-buyers in different areas are attracted to different home staging design trends?