Wondering how to sell your house fast For Sale By Owner? Well, a killer description of your home is essential to bring buyers through the door. Whether you plan on paying a flat fee company to list your FSBO home on the MLS, or you’re creating your own marketing materials and dedicated website for your home to sell your house fast learn how to write a home description buyers won’t forget.

So you’re going to list your home and you’ve been preparing your house by packing, painting, home staging and taking amazing photos. Next on the list of important tasks to complete to make a quick and successful sale is writing a killer MLS description. Coming up with the right words to attract buyers to your house fast can be challenging. Read on to find out some essential tips for creating the perfect MLS description.

Highlight The Best Features And Upgrades

This should seem like a no brainer but it’s important to mention the features that make your home stand out, especially any upgrades. Since you want to make an impact fast make sure you work in anything you feel makes your home unique. That can be features like hardwood floors, a big yard, walk in closets, new roofs or windows, upgraded bathrooms or kitchen. Be sure to take advantage of the house’s luxury home staging. For a list of the top selling features in homes, click here.

sell your home fast mls description

Use The Right Trigger Words

Some words in your MLS listing can appeal to buyers more than others. The right words can help sell your house fast. Try to fit in memorable words when describing certain areas of your home. For example: “gourmet” kitchen, “beautiful” landscaping, or “luxurious” master bath. These words can emphasize the features you’re already highlighting and help create a vision of your home. For more ideas, online real estate favorite Zillow compiled a list of words that could add value to your listing. Check it out here.

sell your home fast mls description

Focus On The Structure

Still wondering how to write an MLS listing to sell your house fast? Know that you should start your listing with the most significant parts of your home — and those you feel buyers will appreciate the most. Just like a book or article, you want to grab your reader early on. If you think the large living space and fenced yard are the most valuable features and will sell your home fast then mention those first. Buyers want to quickly read through your description and get everything they need. Be specific and try to avoid lengthy subjective phrases. Being descriptive is key but remember what you are trying to accomplish – selling your home, not writing a novel.

Post Drool-worthy Photos

No winning MLS listing is complete without great photography. Showcase your home’s spectacular home staging with professional photography. Planning on taking photos yourself? In that case, check out our pro photography tips to make the most of your photography skills to sell you home fast. You’ve made the investment in professional home staging, now let that home staging shine in your MLS listing.

sell you house fast home staging

Double Check for Accuracy

You wouldn’t believe how many MLS descriptions list 2 bedrooms when it should say 3 bedrooms. Some even forget to list the square footage altogether. Misspelled words? That can be a huge turnoff to buyers, it shows a lack of sophistication and hints that this listing is presenting wrong, missing, or misrepresented information. A slip like that could prevent you from selling your home fast. Don’t turn buyers off before you even get them in the door or let your luxury home staging go to waste. Double check your home’s MLS listing for accuracy.


Selling your home fast FSBO can be a daunting task. Whether you’re staging a home and selling in Newport Beach, Boulder, or Houston following some of these tips can help you organize, stay on schedule and get you ready to sell your home fast. For more For Sale By Owner selling tips check out this Spring to do list.